A Lexapro® Lawsuit Attorney Can Help you Recover the Compensation You Deserve

Lexapro® is most often used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and was marketed as being safe for pregnant women. Studies later found that taking the drug while pregnant could result in birth defects. Parents of children born with birth defects resulting from Lexapro® use during pregnancy are entitled to compensation by the drug manufacturer, Forest Laboratories. Roger “Rocky” Walton is a Lexapro® lawsuit attorney who can assist clients in the Arlington, TX, area with the filing of their claims against the manufacturer. To review your case and learn more about taking legal action, contact our law offices today. 

About Lexapro®

Lexapro® is a member of the popular class of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These drugs work by controlling levels of serotonin to treat major depressive disorder (MDD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and more. Approved by the FDA in 2002, the drug was originally indicated for use in both adults and children over the age of 12. By 2004, the FDA mandated the addition of a black box warning informing physicians and patients of the catastrophic risk of suicidal thoughts and tendencies in patients under the age of 25. Just two years later, the FDA issued an advisory informing consumers of the risks of birth defects when SSRIs are taken during pregnancy. 

Serious Risks of Lexapro®

Lexapro® has a long list of side effects, such as headaches, weight gain, insomnia, nausea and vomiting. These side effects typically subside after a few weeks of taking the drug. Lexapro® can pose more catastrophic risks, however, especially for patients who take the drug while pregnant. 

Parents of children born with catastrophic defects resulting from Lexapro® use during pregnancy are entitled to compensation by the drug manufacturer, Forest Laboratories.

A close up if a newborn baby's handStudies have found that taking SSRIs such as Lexapro® while pregnant leads to a 200% increased risk of having a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Boys born to mothers who took an SSRI during pregnancy are three times as likely to receive an ASD diagnosis. 

Lexapro® can also cause birth defects including heart defects, persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN), spina bifida, limb defects, brain and skull defects, and cleft lip or palate. 

Settlements in the Lexapro® Lawsuit

Numerous individual lawsuits have been filed against Forest Laboratories and Forest Pharmaceuticals, which have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL). Two separate class action lawsuits have also been filed. Families whose children have suffered severe birth defects have filed a majority of the lawsuits. These claims allege deceptive marketing practices by the manufacturers.

Previously, a suit was brought against the manufacturers for marketing the drug for non-approved uses, concealing negative trial results, and providing monetary compensation to doctors who prescribed the drug. This lawsuit was settled in 2010 for more than $300 million. 

Our Lexapro® Lawsuit Attorney Can Help You

If your child has suffered severe birth defects resulting from Lexapro® use during pregnancy, you need an attorney on your side to defend your rights. Roger “Rocky” Walton has extensive experience in defective drug litigation and will build a compelling case on your behalf. Caring for a child with autism or severe birth defects can cost a family more than $2 million over his or her lifetime. Mr. Walton will ensure you receive the full compensation needed to provide your child with adequate care for the rest of his or her life, and to cope with resulting trauma suffered by both you and your child. 

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If your child has suffered severe birth defects related to Lexapro® use during pregnancy, contact our law firm today to book your free case evaluation. Mr. Walton is prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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