Personal Injury Attorney Reviews: What Our Clients Say About Us

Google Reviewer - Maria Rios

Maria Rios 1 review ***** a week ago Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Rocky Walton and his team were the best! They make sure that your injuries are first taken care off, before they start the case. They were extremely inforrnative and kept me up to date while working on my case. They responded to all the questions I had. If you need the best accident lawyers in Grand Prairie or Arlington, they are your best bet!

Google Reviewer - Sarah Perez

Sarah Perez 2 reviews ***** 2 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Rocky and his team were incredible) They helped me to overcome one of the biggest challenges I have faced, and were able to advocate effectively on my behalf. Rocky and his team of competent, professional, and caring legal minds helped to educate me about each step of the legal process, and kept in touch as things developed, which helped to foster a collaborative environment.

Google Reviewer - Laura Draper

Laura Draper 1 review ***** 7 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness When dealing with a terrible family tragedy, this team of exerts helped educate us and win our case. The team at Rocky Walton Attorney at Law is like no other. As a family unit we felt informed from beginning to end. If you need a team that's a well oiled machine get these guys.. Professional and personally they get the job done!

Google Reviewer - Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson 1 review ***** 7 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I can not express the level of gratitude for this law firm. From the first moment I met everyone I'd be dealing with I felt like I was in good hands. I never had any problems reaching out to anyone with questions, and always received a timely reply. Everything they did was documented and emailed to me, so I always knew exactly what was going on with my case. Everyone was great, and I will always recommend this law firm to anyone who needs them.

Google Reviewer - Fred Malbrue

Fred Malbrue 4 reviews ***** 9 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I would like to start out by saying this law firm is a real blessing. I found them on Google by reading their reviews and I was still a bit skeptical because some reviews are fake. Not this one I repeat not this one. Every single good thing you read about this law firm is true.I recommend to anybody that wants an excellent law team. Go here.They really care. They will keep you informed every step of the way They will tell you the truth and they will go all out fighting for you. They completely overwhelm and annihilate opposing lawyers and insurance companies with the law until they have no other choice but to surrender. I had a difficult case and I watched them do it personally. They are extremely brilliant at what they do. I can't describe it enough words. My family and I are very grateful and I highly recommend the Law firm of Rocky Walton to any one who wants excellence and transparency. Thank You Rocky,Tim,Kati, Michelle,Judy and anybody I forgot. God bless yall and please continue the good work of fighting for us little guys.I will definitely use y'all again if needed.

Google Reviewer - Bronwyn Kaminski

Bronwyn Kaminski 4 reviews ***** a year ago Rocky and his team have been wonderful handling my case. Kati is always so quick to respond and answer any of my questions and explain things in detail. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone, they will help you every step of the way.

Google Reviewer - Sondra Grimes

Sondra Grimes 2 weeks ago **** In the most difficult time in my life I needed legal help that I could trust to help me. I lost my Father to a horrific car wreck. He was my Daddy and I was his girl. He always taught me to watch who I trust. Someone referred me to Rocky Walton. This was not an easy case to handle and things looked dim at times. Rocky Walton stayed on this and he was someone I came to trust and knew that he had my best interest and deceased Father's best interest at hand. He and his staff worked with us and did a fantastic job , his team was amazing . I would recommend Rocky Welton and I have since this case has closed recently. Thank you Rocky, Walton and your staff for seeing me through a most difficult time in my life. Blessings, Sondra Blankenship Grimes

Google Reviewer - Ron Richter

ronrichter 2 weeks ago ***** Rooky and his team helped me to navigate through a very difficult experience following an auto collision when someone failed to obey a traffic signal and hit me. I was fully satisfied with the results

Google Reviewer - Maria Narvaez

Maria Narvaez a week ago ***** Now I can see why there are so many positive testimonials about this law firm. I highly recommend this law firm. I cannot Thank Rocky enough for the time he has invested in my case. His staff is amazing, they go over and beyond for their clients. All the family appreciates everything they have done for us. If ever I'm in any kind of situation, this is who I'm calling. Thank you again,  Have a blessed day

Google Reviewer - Mark Knoblock

Mark Knoblock a year ago ***** Prompt, professional and courteous staff.

Google Reviewer - Stephanie Simms

I was hit by a drunk driver in September 2013 (his 2nd DWI) and tried our best to work with the insurance company to get our truck fixed and medical expenses paid.  Liberty Mutual did not want to work with us at all and in fact were very rude when we tried to get all of this taken care of.  That is when we turned to the Law Firm of Rocky Walton in Arlington, TX.  The staff was awesome and VERY helpful! They were quick to answer any questions we had and responded very quickly to any and all needs that we had.  He was able to get us the maximum settlement allowed from the drunk driver's insurance company and is still working for us to make sure they have done everything they can for us.  I would absolutely recommend The Law Firm of Rocky Walton to anyone in need of a person injury fact I have already sent two clients to him which goes to show how much faith we have in him and his awesome staff.  Thank you Rocky Walton and Staff for seeing to our every needs and taking care of business!!

Google Reviewer - Doug Angell

Doug Angell 11 months ago ***** I am a lawyer in Beaverton, Oregon.  A client of mine was injured in a serious automobile collision while on business in Dallas.  The at fault driver was under the influence of alcohol.  Rocky came highly recommended from colleagues around the country and so I contacted Rocky personally.  He and his staff did an amazing job handling my client, who lives in Oregon, and had a significant neck injury which required surgery.  Rocky communicated constantly with both myself and our client.  He clearly has a well run, efficient office staffed with smart and helpful attorneys and paralegals.  The result was a significant settlement with multiple insurance companies. I would definitely send another client to seek Rocky's counsel.  Great Job Rocky and staff!

Google Reviewer - Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson 7 months ago ***** My special needs son and I were hit head on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel on the way to school one morning. We are both lucky to be alive today. The other party's insurance company refused to work with me and wouldn't even provide us a rental car to get my son around. I was referred to Rocky Walton by my sister. She said she heard that he was a great attorney and that he would fight fir our rights and get us compensated.    I sent him an email and he immediately called me on the phone and personally set up a free consultation with us. We met him a few days later and briefly went over the details. He and his amazing staff stayed in contact with me and less than a year later, my son and I were both awarded very nice settlement checks to compensate for our injuries, grief, and emotional trauma. We are both very thankful for Mr. Walton and his courteous staff for making our lives better through our traumatic time. I would highly recommend anyone to call upon Mr. Walton any time they aren't treated fairly by an insurance company. This man and his staff are greatly appreciated and I will definitely call him again in the future if needed. Thank you all and have a great day.

Google Reviewer - Kati Crouch

Kati Crouch 2 months ago ***** I have worked for the Law Firm of Roger Rocky Walton since 2009. I am confident to say that you will not find another law firm like Rocky's. We all treat each other like family here and we treat our clients the same way. How would you feel if your mother was hit by a drunk driver? Distraught? Angry? We feel the same way. Each and every staff member at our office truly cares about our clients. All of our clients know that they can call us any day and talk to us about all of their medical concerns, how their accident has impacted their life, how their career has been impacted and much more. One big difference between our firm and other the law firms is that we remember our clients. We don't have to look at the case details before taking your call. We know who you are and the details of your case because we care about you. We take the time to get to know our clients and we understand that each case is different. We listen to our clients, empathize with them, provide them with great advice and guide them down the path of recovery. I very much enjoy my job at Rocky's office. I couldn't ask for a better work family or better clients.

Google Reviewer - Millicent Twumasi

millicent twumasi 3 years ago ***** I can't even begin to describe the great work Rocky and his team do. They kept me informed and up to date throughout the whole process of my case. I could easily see that they genuinely cared and wanted the absolute best for me. I honestly have not one bad or negative thing to say about the practice and couldn't imagine a better team taking  care of my case. I am so happy I went to Rocky and will definitely recommend him to family and friends.  Millie

Google Reviewer - Joetta Keene

Joetta Keene a year ago ***** Rocky handled a car wreck case for a client of mine. He kept all of us informed each step of the way and did an outstanding job. He is the go to guy if you need a good personal injury lawyer.

Google Reviewer - Mandy Raymond

Mandy Raymond a year ago ***** After almost losing my husband to a personal injury, Rocky Walton and his staff saved our family!  Infinite thanks go out to his firm!!  He gave a tragic time in our lives peace, because of his promptness and professionalism.  We were always informed of the process of our case!  If you ever need help, hire Rocky as your lawyer!  You will be beyond satisfied.

Google Reviewer - Devin Mitchell

Devin Mitchell 11 months ago ***** Awesome organization! I hired the Rocky Walton law firm to handle a personal injury case for me and he relieved any and all stress from me. He and his staff kept me informed throughout the entire process and was available at any time. Thank you Rocky and team!

Google Reviewer - Holly D Gray

Holly D Gray 6 months ago ***** My husband was hit by a pickup while riding his bicycle. The driver was using his cell phone and ran a stop sign. Rocky and his team were excellent. They handled all of the insurance claims and made the settlement process as easy as can be. We would highly recommend the Law Firm of Rocky Walton.

Google Reviewer - Sybrena Wright

Sybrena Wright 8 months ago ***** 5 star service!!  I met with several attorneys before picking Rocky Walton.  From the very first meeting I knew he was the one for me and my two young boys!   He has the BEST team working for him and essentially for me.  Every aspect of the process was explained and throughly organized!  I don't know any attorneys that would keep you in the loop on everything, BUT they do and that's an amazing quality they have as a company!   I am so grateful that I was able use there services!  I HIGHLY recommend them and already have!!  Thanks Rocky and Ron for all your help!

Google Reviewer - Stephanie Buduhan

Stephanie Buduhan 4 months ago **** I was rear-ended and broke my arm. I had to have two surgeries and take six weeks off of work.  Rocky and his team were able to get me the policy limits on the other driver's insurance as well as my under-insured motorist insurance. I was pleased with the convenience of corresponding and completing paperwork via email with his friendly team. The only issue was a small hiccup on the estimated timeline for receiving my settlement, but other than that, I was very pleased with the results of my case.

Google Reviewer - Ashley Andrews

Ashley Andrews 2 months ago ***** I wish I could give Rocky and his team a million stars. They are the best and are very knowledgeable and professional. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication. Rocky is one of a kind and has an amazing staff. I would recommend them for any personal injury!

Google Reviewer - Shawn McManis

Shawn McManis a month ago ***** The Rocky Walton Law Firm is TOP NOTCH! From the first day they took my case until it was settled through mediation I never had any doubt that I chose the right firm. True professional's. I am very pleased with the outcome and with everyone at his office!!!

Google Reviewer - Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith a month ago ***** This is the second time I have had the pleasure of obtaining services from Rocky Walton. Both times they were very helpful and attentive. The staff is caring and understanding. Thank your staff for helping me.

Google Reviewer - Khushbu Patel

khushbu Patel ***** I am very grateful that we were able to utilize the help and guidance of Rocky and his team. They were in contact with us every step of the way and helped us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. Everyone was so kind, definitely someone to work with again!

Google Reviewer - Caldwell

caldwell1772 ***** I simply can not thank Rocky and his phenomenal team enough for the courteous, thoughtful and thorough way they handled my claim.  Although I was rear-ended while waiting at a light by a woman who was both texting and speeding in a school zone with children getting out, and subsequently needed two surgeries as a result, there was hesitance on the part of the insurers to pay, because of  a plethora of pre-existing conditions.  I felt as though my injuries did not matter, that one only deserved compensation if there were no other pre-existing conditions.  Rocky and his team, however, never gave up and persevered until I was given a fair and appropriate settlement.  The entire team, individually and collectively did an outstanding job  walking me through the claim procedure, listening to me,  the defendant, and  the witness, researching and gathering appropriate data, keeping me informed by email and in negotiating the settlement.  I both give them 5+ stars and highly  recommend them..

Google Reviewer - John Biegel

John Biegel ***** My situation was that the insurance company of the guy that ran a red light & t-boned me went out of business. The TCPIGA, whose job it is to help Texans in my predicament, said my claim was worthless. I walked into Walton Law Firm expecting them not to be able to get me anything. Instead, the attorneys and their razor-sharp staff went to work while keeping me informed every step of the two-year climb. The way I describe them is ardently tenacious. In the end the State honored my claim for the full amount allowable. This is the kind of law firm that gives lawyers a good name.

Google Reviewer - Debbie Bone

Debbie Bone ***** The law firm of Roger Walton, P.C. Rocky provided profesional assistance and fought hard to assist my recovering a settlement that would help with medical expenses I incurred from being the victim in a car accident. The firm was my advocate and I do not believe I would have been able to pay my medical bills without the help of this law firm. I would highly recommend their services.

Google Reviewer - Alton Carr

alton carr *****

Google Reviewer - Brett S

Brett S ***** When I realized that taking on the airlines due to my injuries would be necessary, I researched and made my decision to go with Rocky Walton and his TEAM. Knowing the difficulties of my case, the frustrations of dealing with one of the largest airlines in the world, Rocky and his staff performed flawlessly and with precision. He and his staff always had my best interest and kept me informed at all times. Rocky has the knowledge and the staff to assure you are handled with empathy, care and professionalism. My family and I always felt confident that our choice to go with Rocky was the right one and the his expertise came through. Thank you Rocky, Ron, Tim and Kati.....True examples of an attorneys office  that fights for you!! Rocky, you are a true warrior for the people!

Google Reviewer - Floyd Rawlinson

Floyd Rawlinson ***** Persistent efforts of Rocky and team brought much closer to me in all questions and concerns and updating the every event. Thank you all. Amen! clap emoji, rainbow emoji, shining star emoji, thumbs up emoji, rose emoji

Google Reviewer - Michelle G

Michelle G 4 years ago ***** I have worked for the Law Firm of Roger Rocky: Walton for over 11 years.  I believe that speaks volumns in this day and age when people do not stay with one company any more.  I hear too often from our clients that may have started their case with another attorney that the turn-over rates at other firms were so bad, they never knew who was handling their claim.  Rocky truly gives 100% to each case that he accepts.  We keep all of our clients informed on every aspect ot their case by email. We are not a mill like so many other personal injury firms that do not even know who their clients are. We actually talk to our clients. Rocky meets with every new client personally. We do not advertise on TV or radio.  We get most of our referrals by prior clients, claims adjusters and the internet.  We have even received referrals from prior defendants that Rocky has taken to court in the past.  I could not be more proud to work for this law firm.  I plan to be here 11 more years plus.

Google Reviewer - A Google User

A Google User 5 years ago ***** My wife and I sustained serious injuries in an auto accident a few years ago. Thought we had known Mr. Walton for years prior we had never had the need for a personal injury attorney. We had always heard through word of mouth that he was the one to go to...and as it turns out we heard correctly. We were treated not only like important clients, but also like a friends. He and his extremely effecient and friendly staff made the process so much more manageable. We were always well informed and updated regarding the status of our case and we were more than satisfied with the ultimate outcome. We have since referred family members and friends to Mr. Walton with confidence and will continue to do so. Don and Pat Linthicum Granbury, TX

Google Reviewer - Fred Brasfield

Fred Brasfield 2 years ago ***** This was the second occasion that my wife and I needed to consult with Rocky and his staff. Since we were very satisfied with the results of our first case with Rocky, we knew who we needed to go to for help. My wife and I worked not only with Rocky, but with Michelle. Both kept us informed quite often as to the progress of our case. They made you feel like yours was the only case they worked. This law firm is very processional and they work extremely hard to get you the results you want. If needed, we will return to Rocky Walton Law Firm.

Google Reviewer - Jana Hall

Jana Hall 2 years ago ***** We hired Rocky and his firm to represent us in a car accident case.  He took a lot of time to visit with me and answer all of my questions.  I felt that he handled the situation ethically and with integrity.  His staff was extremely friendly and communicated with me every step of the way.  They were extremely responsive.  My goal was to be compensated for all of the out of pocket expenses I had due to my injuries from the accident and to pay back all of my medical providers.  He was able to agree on an amount that would take care of all of this plus some for my trouble.  It was an extremely easy process and I would recommend Mr. Walton and his firm for any of your legal needs.

Google Reviewer - Greg Miller

Greg Miller 5 months ago *****

Google Reviewer - A Google User

A Google User 4 years ago ***** Rocky is a pleasure to work with. Professional in every way, shape, and form.

Google Reviewer - A Google User

A Google User 5 years ago ***** You will not find another attorney as friendly as Rocky. When I sustained my injuries it truly showed me that Rocky's passion is obtaining justice for his clients.

Google Reviewer - A Google User

A Google User 4 years ago ***** Rocky Walton is a great lawyer who really cares about his clients I was recently a client and he took very good care of me and even sent me a birthday card I would definitely recommend him to anyone! You won't be disappointed!

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