Major Auto Accidents Can Result in Lifelong Paralysis By Rocky Walton on October 29, 2016

A wheelchair in the darkWhen the people of Arlington need legal help, they know they can turn to our law firm for expert guidance through the litigation process. Our skilled team of personal injury attorneys have a track record excellence. We always keep our clients and their families in mind, whether negotiating injury settlements or at a trial arguing a case.

This diligence is especially important when catastrophic injuries result in disfigurement and disability. It's with these tragedies in mind that we'd like to discuss paralysis after auto accidents, the challenges that injury victims face, and how our lawyers can help.

Severe Auto Accidents and Lifelong Disability

Major auto accidents can result in injuries that alter the entire course of a person's life. Perhaps the most serious injuries involve the spinal cord. Damage to the vertebrae and vertebral discs can lead to issues with mobility and pain, some temporary and others long-term. Major spinal cord damage, by contrast, can result in the permanent loss of sensation and loss of use of the extremities. People paralyzed in auto accidents face so many challenges for the remainder of their life.

There are two classifications of spinal cord injuries that can result in permanent paralysis: paraplegia and quadriplegia. Let's examine each of these individually

Paraplegia After Auto Accidents

Paraplegia is the result of a serious injury to the lower back or middle portion of spine. In these cases, a person loses sensation and movement in the lower extremities. Generally the paralysis extends from the point of injury down.

Paraplegics are bound to a wheelchair for their entire life, which means drastic changes in one's living situation and transportation options. While paraplegics can still use their hands and manage to lead independent lives, the loss of use of their legs will limit mobility and maneuverability, creating a number of day-to-day difficulties.

Quadriplegia After Auto Accidents

Also known as tetraplegia, quadriplegia refers to injuries in the topmost portion of the spine that comprises the neck. When a person suffers from this type of spinal cord injury, he or she loses sensation and control over all extremities. The higher the injury is along the neck, the more severe the quadriplegia.

Quadriplegics require constant help to accomplish day-to-day tasks. This means having a loved one and potentially a medical care professional around at all times to offer assistance. In the most severe cases of quadriplegia, the injury victim may need constant monitoring. Some accident victims who have sustained injuries to the topmost vertebrae require mechanical assistance in order to breathe in and breathe out.

The Struggles and Challenges Ahead

In both paraplegia and quadriplegia, an injury victim faces a number of adverse circumstances. Career prospects and long-term professional goals may no longer be attainable as a result of permanent paralysis. One's overall quality of life is severely impacted as welll. Emotional and psychological issues are not uncommon given the personal strain and the burdens experienced by an injury victim's loved ones.

Given all of theses difficulties, it's of the utmost importance that injury victims and their loved ones seek legal help to obtain just compensation for the injuries sustained and the many hardships they face.

The Rocky Advantage - How Our Law Firm Can Help

While technically any lawyer may be helpful to those in legal need, it's important to consider legal experience and skills when making your choice.

Of the 79,409 attorneys in the state of Texas, only 1,768 (2.2%) of these attorneys are board certified as specialists in personal injury trial law. In addition, fewer than 3% of these attorneys have an advanced law degree (Doctor of the Science of Law, or S.J.D.).

Our law firm is comprised of an elite group of highly educated and board certified attorneys who are in this upper echelon of the legal field. A lawyer from our firm can fight diligently for you, no matter the legal challenges. Our focus is on the clients we serve and the laws as written.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal options following a severe and life-changing injury, be sure to contact our personal injury law firm today. By working with an experienced attorney, you will increase your chances of receiving just compensation for your injuries.

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