Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries By Rocky Walton on September 20, 2018

Motorcycle accidentWhen people are involved in a car crash, they rely on the structure of the car to absorb a portion of the accident impact. Additionally, they can trust safety equipment such as air bags and seatbelts to provide further protection and minimize injury damages.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders do not have these protections in the event of an accident. As a result, motorcycle accidents tend to result in more serious injuries than car crashes. Although not all motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries, even minor damage should be examined by a doctor. Early treatment can be key to preventing long-term or lifelong consequences from accident injuries.

Here, attorney Roger “Rocky” Walton discuss the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries that affect our Arlington, TX clients.

Road Rash

One of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries is road rash, which occurs when the skin is dragged against the pavement. Even the most minor motorcycle accident can result in road rash, especially if the rider was not wearing adequate protection.

Many mistakenly think of road rash as simple cuts and scrapes that can heal without causing any long-term damage. However, not all cases of road rash are this minor. Road rash can damage the deeper layers of the skin and may result in skin infections or nerve damage.

Head and Neck Injuries

The head and skull protect the brain. Because it is so important to protect the head in the event of a motorcycle accident, most states have laws regarding the use of a motorcycle helmet.

A motorcycle helmet is the best source of protection if riders are in an accident. Unfortunately, not all riders wear helmets, and even those who do are still susceptible to head injuries. Common head injuries in a motorcycle accident include concussion and brain damage.

The neck is also vulnerable to injuries in a motorcycle accident. The neck contains seven cervical vertebrae that make up the upper portion of the spinal cord. If these vertebrae are damaged, a person could be killed. Those who survive a catastrophic neck injury still may face a lifetime of injury side effects, including paralysis.

Biker’s Arm

Biker’s arm is an injury that is unique to motorcycle accidents. When a person crashes in a car, it is unlikely that they will be ejected from the vehicle.

However, most motorcycle riders will be thrown off their bike during an accident. Since there is no form of protection between the rider and the road, the natural instinct is to brace the body with the arms or hug the arms around the body for added protection.

Naturally, the arm that is fallen on is likely to suffer extensive damage. The nerve damage that is likely to occur in instances such as these is referred to as biker’s arm.

Broken Bones

Again, a motorcycle rider has nothing more than a helmet and some protective gear to help absorb the impact of an accident. Since the body can only withstand so much force, a motorcycle accident can result in broken bones.

Any bone in the body can be injured during a motorcycle crash, but the most common injuries include facial fractures, a broken arm, broken leg, or broken foot.

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Motorcycle injuries can have a huge physical and emotional impact, but they can also be very costly. To help you receive any financial compensation you may be due following a motorcycle accident, it is important to work with an experienced accident attorney, such as Roger “Rocky” Walton. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of your case.

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