Dump Truck Accidents By Rocky Walton on September 28, 2021

Commercial truck accidentA large number of vehicles traveling the roads are classified as commercial vehicles. The Texas Department of Public Safety defines commercial vehicles as any that are used to transport passengers or cargo on a public highway. This includes dump trucks. Like any other type of vehicle, commercial vehicles can be involved in collisions. Commercial vehicle accidents often have catastrophic consequences.

Determining liability for dump truck accidents is complex, because these accidents are not like ones that occur between two passenger vehicles. Attorney Roger “Rocky” Walton works with dump truck accident victims in Arlington, TX, and surrounding areas to go after liable parties so that his clients can be justly compensated for accident damages.

Dump Truck Accident Risks

Dump trucks are not as large as semi-trucks or some tractor trailers, but they are significantly larger and heavier than the typical passenger vehicle. Additionally, dump trucks have many unique risks that increase the likelihood of a car wreck, and make it more likely that an accident will result in severe damages. Some of the greatest dangers of dump trucks include:

  • Heavy loads: Dump trucks are heavy enough on their own, but they often carry full loads of trash, materials, and other debris. The average dump truck can carry around 23,000 pounds of cargo, which means these vehicles create a significant impact in the event of an accident.
  • Unpredictable driving: Dump trucks often deliver trash to and from multiple locations, which means they make frequent stops and turns. Their maneuvers are unpredictable and often disrupt the flow of traffic, which increases the likelihood of an accident. The risk is even greater when dump truck drivers speed, make sudden maneuvers, or fail to use a turn signal.
  • Unsteady loads: Materials are often thrown into a dump truck haphazardly. This can create uneven weight distribution that throws off the balance of the truck. Unsecured cargo can also become loose and fall into the road, striking other vehicles or creating a hazard.
  • Wear and tear: Dump trucks travel a lot of miles and receive a lot of wear and tear from the heavy materials they transport. If vehicles are not properly maintained, malfunctions can occur.

Dump Truck Accident Damages

Because dump trucks weigh so much they create an enormous impact in a crash. Dump truck accidents often result in injuries with devastating and potentially lifelong consequences. As a result of accident injuries, our Arlington clients may suffer damages such as:

  • Medical expenses (including the cost of anticipated future medical care)
  • Cost of assistive care and/or assistive medical devices
  • Lost wages and/or a loss of wage-earning potential
  • Pain and suffering

Accident Liability

The person or party responsible for a car accident can be held liable for all related accident damages. When a dump truck accident occurs, there are multiple parties that may be liable. Even when the cause of a dump truck accident seems straightforward, more than one party may be partially responsible, including the dump truck driver, the owner of the dump truck, the company who contracted the dump truck driver, and the company in charge of vehicle maintenance. Rocky Walton explores all potential areas of liability so that his Arlington clients can be compensated to the maximum extent allowable.

Why Hire an Attorney?

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make following a dump truck accident is failing to hire an attorney. Liability for dump truck accidents is complex, damages are often high, and insurers of commercial vehicles work hard to discredit an accident victim’s case. Rocky Walton protects the facts of the case, investigates accident liability, and holds off creditors so that his clients can focus on their recovery while he pursues appropriate compensation for damages.

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