FedEx 18-Wheeler Crash on LBJ Freeway - Arlington, TX By Kolton DeLeon on January 13, 2023

On January 4th, a FedEx driver died in a multiple car accident that left the eastbound lanes of Interstate 635 in North Dallas closed. 


Happening just prior to 4:30 p.m. the accident occurred involving multiple cars including a FedEx 18-wheeler. According to NBC 5, there is no clear cause to the crash. An hour and a half after the crash, almost all the eastbound lanes were closed between Preston Road and Park Central Drive alongside multiple westbound lanes. There is an ongoing investigation about the cause of this crash. 

Dangers of Sharing the Road with Commercial Vehicles

Sharing the road with commercial vehicles can be a daunting task for many drivers. These large trucks and buses are much heavier and harder to maneuver than passenger cars, and they have blind spots that can make it difficult for the driver to see other vehicles. Additionally, commercial drivers are often under tight deadlines and may engage in risky behavior such as speeding or tailgating in order to meet those deadlines. This can lead to dangerous and even deadly accidents. That's why it is important for people to have legal representation in the event of a crash with a commercial vehicle. A personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling truck and bus accident cases can help to ensure that the rights of the injured driver are protected and that they receive the compensation they deserve. They can also help to navigate the complex legal process and deal with the insurance companies and legal teams representing the commercial vehicle.

The Rocky Advantage

Working in personal injury law for over 30 years, Roger “Rocky” Walton has been involved with thousands of cases over his commendable career. The Rocky Advantage is shown through Walton’s extensive education, credited awards, and proven results through his variety of personal injury cases. 

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