Defective Auto Parts Can Have Devastating Effects

When you purchase a motor vehicle, you have every right to assume it will be safe to drive. However, defective airbags, malfunctioning seatbelts, and other auto parts can cause accidents and devastating or fatal injuries. In some cases, all parts function properly, but the car is not capable of keeping passengers safe in the event of a collision. If you are injured by a poorly designed or manufactured auto part, you may be eligible to file a product liability claim. Auto defect lawyer Roger "Rocky" Walton has helped clients recover millions in compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by the accident. The Law Firm of Roger "Rocky" Walton, P.C. represents victims of defective airbags, malfunctioning brakes, inadequate side impact protection, and more. To discuss your case with a lawyer at our office in Arlington, TX, schedule a free consultation online or call or text us at (817) 429-4299.

An deployed airbag after an accident
Airbags are meant to protect you, but defective airbags can cause serious or fatal passenger injuries. 

What Is Auto Product Liability?

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe products. If they make dangerous or defective products commercially available, they can be held responsible in a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturers are also responsible for making a vehicle crashworthy, or capable of minimizing injuries to the passengers if a collision occurs.

A lawyer helps you determine who is responsible for the defect, how the defect directly led to your injury, and how much compensation you are entitled to following your injury. 

Common Auto Defects 

There are many common auto defects that can result in injuries. Some of the more frequently seen automobile defects include:

  • Defective airbags: Defective airbags usually include those that do not deploy on impact, deploy too late, deploy randomly, or explode with dangerous shrapnel upon deployment.
  • Defective tires: Defective tires can cause serious injury or death when they blow out on a highway or even a neighborhood road.
  • Malfunctioning brakes: If the brakes are not working properly, a car may accelerate and wind up in a high-speed crash with an object or another vehicle.
  • Inadequate side impact protection: Side collisions or "T-bone accidents" are among the most common auto accidents. Without proper side panel protection, these accidents can be especially dangerous and result in lifelong injuries or death.
  • Defective seatbelts: If a seat belt fails to lock or breaks on impact, the driver can be ejected from his or her seat, leading to devastating injuries.

Defective auto parts can lead to minor injuries such as lacerations and fractures as well as catastrophic injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury

If you are injured on account of a manufacturer’s error, you could receive damages to cover the costs of your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Holding the Manufacturer Liable 

Because the liability in an auto defect case could fall on a designer, manufacturer, parts supplier, or dealer, you need a lawyer to help you pinpoint which party is responsible for the defect. An attorney can also help you prove: 

  • The existence of the manufacturing defect
  • The involvement of negligence
  • The manufacturing defect was directly responsible for your injury
  • You were using the vehicle properly for its intended purpose
  • You could not have foreseen the defect and avoided the injury
  • You experienced losses on account of the injury and thus should be compensated for those losses by the manufacturer

Rocky Walton and his team will examine the case from every angle in a timely manner to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve 

If you were injured by a defective vehicle or auto part, you could receive significant compensation to cover your past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, and pain and suffering. We have helped many car accident victims achieve multi-million dollar results and are ready to help you too. Schedule your free case review online or contact the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C. at (817) 429-4299.

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