A Defective Medical Device Attorney Can Help Hold to at-fault Manufacturers Responsible

Medical devices are designed to enhance the lives of people who suffer from chronic diseases, illnesses, or other health issues. When a medical device malfunctions, however, it can have catastrophic effects on a person's life. Replacing a defective medical device often involves painful, invasive surgery, which can take weeks of recovery time – time you will be out of commission and out of work. In addition, the surgical procedure itself, as well as any medications, physical therapy, and home nursing care required after the replacement surgery, will cost a lot of money, and you shouldn't have to bear the financial burden alone.

Medical device manufacturers spend a lot of money marketing their products to the public. When these devices turn out to be unsafe and consumers are harmed as a result, product manufacturers must be held responsible. Makers of medical devices often place their products on the market before they have been thoroughly tested. In addition, medical device manufacturers sometimes fail to disclose all of the potential risks and side effects of the products they so vigorously market to consumers. When this happens, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary not only to compensate victims for their physical and financial losses, but also to prevent injury to other patients in the future.

Types of Defective Medical Devices

Any type of medical device can be defective. Most defective medical device lawsuits, however, involve products that are implanted into the body, as these are most likely to cause catastrophic injuries. The following are just some of the most common defective medical devices that have given rise to personal injury lawsuits in recent months:

  • Transvaginal Mesh Implants: Designed to help women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, transvaginal mesh implants are made from polypropylene or polyester. These implants are prone to “mesh erosion,” which occurs when the device migrates out of position, thereby perforating the soft tissue of the vagina and pelvic organs. Sometimes, the mesh migrates to a point where it protrudes out of the vagina, which is known as “vaginal extrusion.” Defective transvaginal mesh implants cause severe pain, infection and catastrophic internal injuries which require corrective surgery.
  • Hernia Mesh: This medical device is designed to support compromised tissue after hernia surgery. Some varieties of this mesh have been shown to cause organ perforation, bowel obstruction, and chronic pain.
  • DePuy (Metal-on-Metal) Hip Implants: DePuy hip implants are metal-on-metal hip replacement devices consisting of a metal ball affixed to the femur bone that rotates within a metal socket connected to the hip. Over time, the friction that occurs during everyday use can wear the metal components down, causing them to discharge tiny particles of metal into the body, which can give rise to metallic poisoning. Defective DePuy hip implants often result in hip fractures, dislocations and other painful injuries, which require surgery to repair or replace.
  • NuvaRing Birth Control Device: The NuvaRing is a birth control device inserted into the vagina once a month to prevent pregnancy. Since its introduction in 2001, over 5.5 million women have received NuvaRing implants. A number of women have experienced life-threatening blood clots as a result of using NuvaRing. These blood clots increase a woman's risk of heart attack, stroke and even death.
  • Mirena Intrauterine Device: Mirena is a T-shaped birth control device which is implanted in the uterus to prevent pregnancies for up to five years. Since the device was approved in 2000, over 45,000 women have filed complaints involving adverse side effects experienced after receiving the Mirena implant. Thousands of personal injury lawsuits have been filed against Bayer, the maker of the device, over painful punctures and perforations of the uterus that resulted from using Mirena.
  • Round Up
  • Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Implant
  • Ethicon Pelvic / Vaginal Mesh
  • Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head
  • Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Implant
  • Takata Airbag Products Liability Litigation
  • Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis or M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis
  • Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implant
  • Zimmer Durom Hip Cup Products Liability Litigation

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Unsafe or defective medical devices can cause permanent and irreversible damage that will diminish the quality of your life forever. If this has happened to you, you deserve compensation for all of your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages that resulted from the defective product. If you have been injured by a defective medical device, such as a transvaginal mesh implant, DePuy hip implant, NuvaRing or Mirena birth control device, call or text The Law Firm of Roger “Rocky” Walton, P.C. today at (817) 429-4299 or call toll-free at (888) 762-5988 for a free consultation regarding your case. We represent victims injured by defective medical devices in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth and Mansfield, Texas. The attorneys at our firm are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for having demonstrated superior competence, character, legal knowledge and experience.

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