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Dog Bite Lawyer

Negligent dog owners and dangerous dogs can cause catastrophic harms that include severe dog bites. 

Strong legal representation from a dog bite lawyer can help you secure the compensation you and your family deserve. 

Arlington, TX-based attorney Rocky Walton has won many six and seven-figure cases, including in dog bite lawsuits.

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Our law firm is bilingual. Reach out to us to request a free consultation with a proven team that speaks both Spanish and English. 

Texas' Dog Bite Laws

In our state, a dog owner is civilly liable for bites or other attacks their dog commits. Marshall v. Ranne, a 1974 case brought before the Supreme Court of Texas, set a precedent for personal injury cases stemming from a vicious animal bite or attack that is commonly known as the "one bite rule."

The "one bite rule" means that if a dog owner's pet had previously attacked someone, they should be on high alert of this possibility happening again. Thus, the dog owner has a responsibility to prevent another incident. If they did not take reasonable care, the owner acted negligently in not preventing dog bite injury. 

Rocky Has a Track Record of Success In Dog Bite Cases

We can help you even if you were not bitten by a dog. Our Texas personal injury lawyer has effectively handled dog bite cases as well as lawsuits involving dangerous dogs, unleashed dogs, and negligent dog owners. Two of these victories are discussed below. 

Dog Bite

Our client was viciously bitten by a neighbor's Rottweiler. Our client sustained significant injuries that resulted in an infection. Our firm collected all of the homeowner's insurance policy limits within a few months of being hired. This amounted to $101,000, which was the maximum recovery possible in this case. 

Unleashed Dog

We have successfully represented clients who were walking outside when an unleashed, dangerous dog viciously charged at them. This caused these people to stumble, fall, and sustain serious injuries. Although the dangerous dogs never touched our clients, we were still able to make successful homeowner insurance claims because of the negligent dog owners and dangerous dogs.

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Rocky starts every dog bite case with a free consultation. When he commits to being your attorney, he does so free of charge. This is because our personal injury lawyer handles cases on a contingency basis. This arrangement means Rocky only gets paid if you win

Dog bites, by their nature, are sudden and vicious. Many victims struggle with staggering medical bills and devastating injuries. Rocky can provide letters of protection that allow you to receive medical treatment now without having to pay until you receive compensation via your lawsuit. Contact our personal injury lawyer to secure proven representation that protects you and your wallet. 

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If you every get into an accident and need the help of an attorney, I can't recommend the Law Firm of Rocky Walton enough! Please, do yourself a favor and reach out to them.

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Very impressed with Rocky and Crew!! They were there for us during every step of the process. Kati was efficient and friendly . Working with the Rocky was the best decision we made. They went above and beyond for us!

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Waiting to File Your Lawsuit Can Be a Big Mistake

Dog attack and dog bite injuries can be debilitating. Focusing on healing before filing a lawsuit is a natural instinct. However, there are statute of limitation laws that set strict timeframes for when a lawsuit must be filed, which can end up causing additional pressure and stress. If you are a dog bite victim, you should know about these time limits:

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawsuit holds a negligent party financially responsible for harm they caused. In Texas, you have two years from the date of a dog attack to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by families whose loved one was killed by a dog bite or attack. In Texas, a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within two years from the date the decedent passed away. 

Actions to Take Now

Rocky Walton

Proving liability in a dog bite case can be complex. Documenting your injuries is crucial. You should also seek medical attention. This protects your health and produces key medical records that Rocky can use as evidence. Further evidence such as photos or videos should be duplicated and sent to us. 

It is also important to avoid all contact with insurance company representatives. The negligent dog owner and their insurance company are not your friends. They may take any statement you make out of context to portray you as responsible for the dog attack. Do not ever admit fault. Instead, contact our law firm as soon as you can. 

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Rocky Walton and his team are talented individuals with great credentials. His Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial practice is noteworthy, setting it apart from many firms. I was very impressed with the dedication and determination of the team who worked on my behalf. Great caring people!

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Rocky Walton is an expert in personal injury matters. Rocky and his team are very professional and friendly and work hard for their clients to gets great results! Thanks Rocky!

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