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DUI Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving leads to thousands of horrible accidents every year in which other people are seriously injured or even killed.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a drunk driver, DUI attorney Rocky Walton can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

After harmful DUI wrecks, Arlington, TX, comes to our board-certified Personal Injury Trial Law specialist to seek maximum compensation.

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Rocky Walton has been handling car accidents and DUI accidents since 1987. As he is deeply aware of the physical, financial, and emotional hardships that DWI incidents cause, he handles these and other car accident lawsuits on a contingency basis. 

This means our DUI accident attorney does not charge a single cent upfront. He starts each case with a free consultation and only gets paid from a percentage of any settlement or verdict he obtains. He also helps to coordinate health care for victims of intoxicated drivers, offering letters of protection that allow them to receive needed medical treatment without having to pay until after they win their case.

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Stellar Reviews for Our Arlington Law Firm


Deeann Powell

Arlington, TX


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I highly recommend Rocky and his staff. Rocky, Kati, Naomi, and Michelle were very attentive to my needs and my case. They were compassionate and worked hard to reach a settlement. I was kept informed of every detail. Do not hesitate to use them. They are truly professional and really care.

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Noraddin Mohammad

Arlington, TX


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The entire team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise. They fulfilled their commitments and exceeded expectations. Moreover, they displayed remarkable patience and understanding, considering the language barrier with my non-English speaking father-in-law and my out-of-state status, as I served as the intermediary. We were exceedingly satisfied with the service rendered and the favorable resolution of the matter. I wholeheartedly endorse their services.

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Criminal vs. Civil DUI Accident Cases

Both a DWI and DUI conviction can lead to hefty fines, a criminal record, and even jail time. However, that often does little in the way of helping a victim. That is where a drunk driving accident lawyer such as Rocky Walton comes in.

Our Arlington, TX, firm works on behalf of victims and their families in civil court to recover damages that resulted from the car crash. In a civil case, drunk drivers are held responsible if their physical or mental faculties were compromised to any extent, even if they were not charged or convicted in a criminal court.

Our DUI Accident Lawyer Has Won Many Major Cases

Rocky has repeatedly won major cases revolving around tragic DWIs. In one such case, a drunk driver of a company vehicle struck another vehicle stopped at a red light, killing children inside. The deceased's parents came to our Arlington firm and we obtained a $1 million recovery.

We collected the full $250,000 available from the defendant's insurance policy in another drunk driving rear-end incident, where our client was severely injured on their motorcycle and required years of pain management treatment. Rocky and his team have also obtained $1 million recoveries in dram shop cases.

DWI accident scene

Seek Help From a Proven Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are common in the United States, impacting as many as two-thirds of all Americans at some point in their lives. While we can't prevent these tragedies from occurring, we can help victims attain justice and move on in their lives.

Rocky Walton has served as a drunk driving accident lawyer for clients throughout Texas since 1987. He is part of the select 2.2% of Texas attorneys board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and can help you secure the maximum compensation after an accident. Our firm fights passionately on behalf of our clients and aims to alleviate the burden on your shoulders during this difficult time. If you or someone you love has fallen victim to a drunk driving accident, contact our injury lawyers today.  You can schedule a free consultation at our Arlington, TX, practice online, or by phone.

Call or Text: (817) 429-4299

Rocky Walton

More Great Reviews For Our DUI Accident Law Firm


gloria hart

Arlington, TX


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The staff was highly professional from the very beginning to the end of the process. I felt safe trusting their expertise and truly appreciate the kindness and caring they exhibited during my many struggles with health concerns. A big Thank you to Rocky’s outstanding team !

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Ruth Brock

Arlington, TX


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Rocky Walton and his team are talented individuals with great credentials. His Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial practice is noteworthy, setting it apart from many firms. I was very impressed with the dedication and determination of the team who worked on my behalf. Great caring people!

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Drunk Driving Is a Widespread Problem In Texas 

Drunk drivers cause more death and destruction than any other type of driver on the road. Our Arlington law firm understands the damage DUI accidents can cause families in Texas and seeks to help victims recover from the tragedy. 

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, our state averaged more than 3 fatalities caused by drunk driving crashes every day of 2022.

Who Is Liable for the Car Accident?

Our Arlington, TX, injury lawyers seek to hold all responsible parties accountable for a drunk driving accident. Depending on the circumstances of the case, several people may be liable for damages...


The driver is clearly responsible for an auto accident and is liable. Their auto insurance company will usually pay out damages on behalf of the drunk driver.

Alcohol Vendors 

Under the Dram Shop Act, establishments such as bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons can be liable for a resulting accident.


An employer may be partially liable for a DWI-related accident if they were negligent in their hiring practices or knowingly allowed the driver to get behind the wheel.

Responsible Adults

If a minor acquires alcohol at a party or private residence, the adults who supplied the alcohol can be held liable for their actions.

Dram Shop Lawsuit Information

Sometimes, responsibility for your wreck lies not only with another driver, but the establishment that negligently served the liquor in the first place. A lawsuit revolving around this theory is known as a dram shop case.

What is a dram shop?

A dram is an archaic term for a small measurement of alcohol. A dram shop is an old name for any establishment that serves alcohol, like a restaurant, pub, or bar. 

What is the point of dram shop laws?

Dram shop laws exist to hold establishments accountable when they over-serve their patrons. If they negligently allow a customer to become severely intoxicated, then their behavior was a factor in the customer's incoherent decision to drive while inebriated. Holding the establishment accountable for over-serving a patron can mean more compensation for DWI victims than if only the drunk driver was held liable. 

What if all servers were certified by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission?

This is a strong liability defense in dram shop cases; the Texas Safe Harbor Act provides protection to establishments that provide certain training in responsible alcohol service. That being said, our attorney has an extensive track record in finding ways around this obstacle to obtain max compensation. 

Are only restaurants and bars covered?

No. The hosts of social gatherings may also be held liable under dram shop laws. Any adult who hosts a party or event where alcohol is served has a legal responsibility to ensure that no minor drinks alcohol and leaves the event intoxicated.

We Have Won Major  Dram Shop DUI Accident Cases

One of our clients was injured by a drunk driver who only had $20,000 in insurance coverage. We were able to make a successful dram shop case against the restaurant where he consumed alcohol.

Our client recovered over $386,200 for their damages

Timeline of Your Personal Injury Case

We advocate aggressively on behalf of our car accident clients and will never take a settlement unless it a fair amount worthy of your losses.
We advocate aggressively on behalf of our car accident clients and will never take a settlement unless it a fair amount worthy of your losses.

Contact an Accident Attorney

While the criminal justice system is likely pressing criminal DWI charges against the driver, you do not have to wait to take the case to civil court. If you have sustained losses in a drunk driving accident, contact our Arlington attorneys as soon as possible. We will meet with you for a free consultation and begin working on your personal injury or wrongful death case

Gathering Evidence

Evidence that can be collected in drunk driving accidents differs from other types of motor vehicle accidents and should be obtained promptly. There is likely documentation including video footage from a police officer’s dashboard camera, as well as blood alcohol or breathalyzer tests. Furthermore, our attorneys will track down valuable witness statements and expert testimony to prove your case.


Often times we will enter into negotiations with an attorney or the insurance company representing the drunk driver. This can happen at any point in the process, and will often take time before we settled on an amount that covers your damages. We advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients and will never take a settlement unless it a fair amount worthy of your losses. If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached then we will continue with the standard court proceedings.


While most personal injury and wrongful death cases do not result in a trial, our lawyers have experience in court litigation and are prepared to see your case through to the best possible outcome. We will carefully present the evidence, as well as expert witness testimony to demonstrate the financial and emotional impact of the accident.


Since the burden of proof is lower in civil cases than in criminal court, our clients have a good chance of securing a favorable verdict. If negligence is proven, then the jury will determine who is liable for the car accident the amount in damages owed to the victim. Lastly, the court will enter a final judgment and monetary award. 

Victims of Car Accidents Rave About Our Law Firm


Kolton DeLeon

Arlington, TX


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Rocky Walton is an expert in personal injury matters. Rocky and his team are very professional and friendly and work hard for their clients to gets great results! Thanks Rocky!

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Andrew Disney

Arlington, TX


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Rocky and his team of experts helped my wife and myself navigate the unknown to get a result that we both hoped for. This dramatically changed our lives. We can’t thank you enough.

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