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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Any car accident can cause major harm. Several unique factors make motorcyclist accident victims susceptible to even greater loss. 

Motorcyclists face additional hurdles when seeking deserved compensation because they are so often blamed for their injuries. 

Since 1987, attorney Rocky Walton has won millions for Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and Arlington, TX, motorcycle riders and their families. 

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Our motorcycle accident lawyer strives to serve everyone who needs his help. Our law firm includes Spanish-speaking staff, allowing us to better represent DFW's diverse population. 

Motorcyclists Face Heightened Risks


According to Texas Department of Transportation statistics released in 2022 about the risks motorcyclists face, in the previous year 519 Texan motorcycle riders lost their lives in accidents, and another 2,318 were seriously injured. 

We Stand Against the Stigma Motorcycle Riders Unfairly Face

It is your right to drive a motorcycle. If you have suffered a motorcycle crash, the last thing you need is to be blamed for the wrongdoing of the other driver. Unfortunately, judges, jurors, and insurance companies frequently portray motorcyclists as inherently reckless individuals who got what was coming to them. 

Rocky Walton knows this judgment is unfair. He has dedicated his life to representing victims in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Rocky is a board-certified specialist in personal injury trial law. Only 2.2% of Texan lawyers have earned this prestigious distinction. 

Injured motorcyclists who come to our Arlington office know they have a true advocate who will do everything in his power to achieve the financial justice they deserve. 

Rocky Walton

Rocky Has Proven His Mettle In Motorcycle Accident Cases

Our attorney has attained a vast number of six and seven-figure verdicts and settlements in personal injury and wrongful death cases. His extensive track record handling a spectrum of car accident lawsuits gives him critical knowledge that helps him win. 

One of his notable successes was a $1 million maximum recovery for a motorcycle accident victim. His client had suffered severe harm after a commercial vehicle did not yield right of way and crashed into him. Rocky and his team acted swiftly to collect the $1 million his client needed. 


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Hiring Our Proven Attorney Costs You Nothing

The injuries, medical bills, and inability to work that a motorcycle accident can cause are stressful enough. Rocky Walton will not add additional lawyer's fees on top of those burdens. He begins each case with a free consultation and handles motorcycle accident lawsuits on a contingency basis

This means that our motorcycle accident lawyer only gets paid if he achieves a settlement or court verdict on your behalf. His compensation comes as a percentage of the winnings. Rocky's clients do not have to worry about skyrocketing hourly fees and can rest assured knowing his primary focus is obtaining the most compensation possible for their motorcycle accident. 

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Texas Leaves 5-Star Reviews For Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Kolton DeLeon


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Rocky Walton is an expert in personal injury matters. Rocky and his team are very professional and friendly and work hard for their clients to gets great results! Thanks Rocky!

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Andrew Disney


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Rocky and his team of experts helped my wife and myself navigate the unknown to get a result that we both hoped for. This dramatically changed our lives. We can’t thank you enough.

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You Can Be Compensated Even If Your Actions Weren't Perfect

Texas is a modified comparative negligence state. This means that victims can file and win lawsuits even in situations where they were partially responsible for causing their crash. 

What must be determined in the eyes of the court is how responsible you were and how responsible the other party was. Your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault for the accident. For example, if the total damages awarded in a case are $100,000 and you are found responsible for 40% of your motorcycle accident, you could receive $60,000. 

On the other hand, if an attorney successfully proves you were only responsible for 10% of that same accident, you would receive $90,000. Personal injury trial law specialist Rocky Walton has spent his career persuading juries in situations just like these. 

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Can Cover Many Areas

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious financial losses and stress. Our motorcycle accident lawyer can seek compensation on your behalf for:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are awarded to directly compensate a victim for tangible financial losses. Typical examples of economic damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages are awarded to compensate victims for subjective losses. Potential noneconomic damages for your motorcycle accident include:

  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional pain
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Lost companionship
  • Lost enjoyment of life

We May Be Able to Seek Exemplary Damages

The two previously covered categories are broadly referred to as compensatory damages. These are the most commonly awarded forms of compensation in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. In rare circumstances, Rocky can also seek very significant exemplary damages. Exemplary damages are awarded to punish astonishingly egregious behavior by the other driver.

Your Case Has a Strict Deadline Don't Delay

Each type of lawsuit is subject to statute of limitations laws. These laws set hard deadlines for when a case must be filed. Missing these deadlines will almost certainly mean you forever lose the ability to receive compensation for your accident. 

Personal Injury

In Texas, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of your motorcycle accident. 

Wrongful Death

In our state, the deadline for filing a wrongful death case is two years from the date your loved one passed away. 

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Provide Invaluable Help

Some motorcycle accident victims think that they should just handle their case on their own, especially if their crash seems clear-cut. Far too often, this results in motorcycle accident victims accepting lowball settlement offers that do not truly cover their harm. 

The goal of the responsible driver's insurance company is to minimize damage to their bottom line. Their offer may seem like a lot of money upfront, but in many cases, the amount they propose will not truly cover the long-term losses a motorcycle crash causes.

Rocky Walton has spent decades representing crash victims. He knows how to quantify the entirety of your losses and seek the maximum compensation you deserve. He charges nothing upfront, so you have nothing to lose by hiring him. Reach out for his help. 

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Rocky Walton team
Rocky Walton is supported by a skilled team.

"Do yourself a favor and reach out to them." Clients Recommend Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Roxanna Sierra


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Very impressed with Rocky and Crew!! They were there for us during every step of the process. Kati was efficient and friendly . Working with the Rocky was the best decision we made. They went above and beyond for us!

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Jacob R


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Rocky and his team helped me after a bad car accident and I can't thank them enough. His team is very professional and cordial, answering any and all of my questions and they walked me through the entire process keeping me updating through the whole thing. If you every get into an accident and need the help of an attorney, I can't recommend the Law Firm of Rocky Walton enough! Please, do yourself a favor and reach out to them.

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A Defective Part May Have Caused Your Motorcycle Accident

Auto parts manufacturers have a duty to ensure that the products they sell are safe to operate. Any act of negligence in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of said products may make them liable in a defective products lawsuit. 

This possibility does not occur to many who were injured in a motorcycle accident. Did your motorcycle shake uncontrollably prior to your crash? This is known as speed wobble, and may have been caused by a manufacturing error such as misaligned tires. 

Rocky can draw upon his decades in practice and his extensive network of accident experts to investigate whether or not a defect caused your motorcycle accident. 


Arlington Always Says Great Things


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A tremendous help! I was being stonewalled by the insurance company and the driver at fault in my automobile accident. I had reached a complete impasse and Rocky and his firm took everything out of my hands and meticulously and thoroughly managed my claim. I would have never been able to navigate this horrible situation on my own. The staff was above and beyond helpful and patient in their communications with me.

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Mark Auchenbach


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They won't be my first call, they will be my ONLY call. After my motorcycle wreck, Rocky and his staff did a phenomenal job handling my case and keeping me informed throughout the whole process. I put them on speed dial in case I ever need any accident/injury related legal services again.

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