Car Accident Lawyer

It all happens so fast, but the injuries sustained in a serious car accident can have a life-changing effect on you and your family.

Lost income, medical bills, and the trauma sustained in an auto accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but we can ease your burden.

What does the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C., in Arlington, TX, recommend doing after an accident?

Steps to Take Following an Accident

Taking the right action after a car accident helps preserve important evidence so your case can be properly presented. We have provided some tips to keep in mind. If you are able to follow these steps immediately after a car accident, it will help our law firm and your case immensely:

Call the Authorities

If a car accident results in a personal injury, the first thing you should do is call 911 so that the injured party can receive medical attention. This not only results in timely treatment of injuries, but also provides documents your car accident attorney can use to build an effective case against the other motorist.

Get Names and Contact Information

After any medical emergencies are taken care of, collect the name and contact information of the other driver and any passengers in their car. If there are witnesses to the accident, it is important to have their information as well. They may be able to provide details to your car accident lawyer that the other driver may not aware of, or might be withholding. 

Take Photos

A picture is priceless when it comes to legal proceedings. Any damage to yourself, your passenger, your car, or any other property damage, including the other driver's car, need to be documented. If your phone is still operational, make sure to use it to take photos. The more photos you take, the better, as you can use this information to build an effective case later.

Insurance Information

Get the insurance policy information from the other driver. Your insurance company will need this information moving forward. In the case of an uninsured driver, the legal team at the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C., can still pursue a settlement.

Police Details

Do not leave the scene of the accident without writing down the name of the police officer who has shown up to investigate the initial crash. Be sure to get the officer's badge number as well so you can get a copy of the police report. This is one of the most important pieces of documentation used to establish if you have a case against the other driver.

Record Specifics

Any and all details of the accident need to be recorded. If the accident was head-on, a rear-end accident, or a t-bone car crash, this information is relevant in identifying any negligence of the part of the other driver. The date and time, weather conditions, and location of the accident are the fundamentals, but any other details you think might be relevant should also be recorded.

Do Not Admit Fault

Never admit fault. Many victims feel compelled to apologize out of habit following an accident, but this can be construed as an admission of liability, making it harder for your personal injury lawyer to recover what you deserve.

Trust a Firm That Has Helped Victims Since 1987

A car accident can change your life in an instant. That is why you should seek the help of an Arlington car accident lawyer who understands the variables that can affect the outcome of a case. If you were injured in an auto accident, do not make the mistake of foregoing your right to legal representation.

For over 30 years, Roger "Rocky" Walton and the team at his law firm in Arlington, TX, have helped clients injured in car accidents receive compensation to cover their losses. As your auto accident attorney, Rocky will seek a maximum recovery to compensate you for every loss you have suffered.

Rocky and his team of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you can have representation with zero out-of-pocket costs until we collect your compensation. Request a free consultation online or call (817) 429-4299 to learn more. We welcome clients from throughout greater Fort Worth.

rocky walton and his team
Rocky Walton and his Arlington team are here to protect your rights and help you rebuild your life following an accident. We help victims throughout greater Fort Worth.
"True professionals! Make it so easy for you as the client! Have always and will always use if needed!" Brett C.

Potential Causes of Auto Accidents

Distracted Driving

Despite the known dangers of distracted driving, a look around during rush hour will reveal countless drivers talking on the phone, texting, or eating.

We see a number of injury cases from all over Texas in which a client is injured by a negligent driver who was too busy on their cell phone to pay attention to the road in front of them. Other causes of distraction include adjusting the radio and talking to passengers. Any activity that takes the driver's attention away from the task at hand is considered distracted driving.

Reckless Driving

Speeding, running red lights, and weaving in and out of traffic are forms of reckless driving that commonly lead to accidents in the Arlington area. Many side-impact accidents can result from a reckless driver side-swiping another vehicle.

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is illegal in Texas for a good reason. The effects of alcohol, even below the legal threshold for a driver, can have an effect on reaction times. No only does alcohol impair a driver's ability to operate an automobile safely, it can make a driver overestimate his or her abilities and increase the likelihood of taking unjustified risks behind the wheel

Dangerous Road Conditions

Potholes, poorly painted dividers, missing signs, and tight intersections make for dangerous road conditions.

Faulty Equipment

There is no way of knowing the history of another vehicle and how it is maintained. A home mechanic may use faulty parts, used tires, or drive a car that has already been damaged in an accident. This may contribute to mechanical failure, which can lead to an accident.

In some cases, even parts that come directly from a manufacturer may have defects that can lead to a dangerous accident on the road. If your accident was caused by an auto defect, you could be eligible for a product liability claim. If your car simply wasn't designed properly to minimize injury to passengers in a collision, we can also pursue compensation for manufacturers and other parties.

Inclement Weather

We all know the weather in Texas can cause unsafe driving conditions. Rain, snow, and ice can create slick, unsafe surfaces to drive on.

"I was hit from behind by a cell phone driver who was too busy looking at her phone then to notice that the traffic had come to a complete crawl on G Bush Turnpike. I suffered a severe neck injury. I contacted Rocky Walton and he and his staff went to work right away. I am very pleased with the outcome. His staff was courteous, understanding and patient throughout the whole process. I really appreciate the help I received." Mona T.

A Client-Focused Law Firm

The Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C. in Arlington, TX, offers more than just legal representation. We care about our clients. Our friendly, caring, and compassionate personal injury lawyers will review the details of your case and help you make the right choices moving forwardContact us online or call our Arlington office at (817) 429-4299 to schedule a free consultation today. We welcome clients from throughout greater Fort Worth.

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Rocky Walton provides free case reviews at his Arlington offices, serving greater Fort Worth. He and his team can also arrange to meet you at your home, hospital room, or other location for your convenience.

Effects of Car Accidents

A car accident can have a lasting financial and emotional impact on a victim, in addition to causing injury. These effects can be:


Head injuries are common, especially in high-speed accidents. When drivers or passengers hit their head against the glass, steering wheel, or dashboard, it can lead to a concussion, long-term cognitive impairment, and other possible brain injuries. When hit from behind, whiplash may occur, sometimes leading to severe muscle and ligament damage. Lacerations can occur in any kind of car crash. Regardless of the type of injury claim you may have, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to minimize the long-term repercussions.


A car accident can prevent you from going to work. If you sustain a long-term injury or disability, your earning capacity can be severely reduced. Further, between ambulance transportation, diagnostic tests, medications, visits to specialists, and rehabilitation, your medical bills could quickly stack up.


Shock, disbelief, denial, anger, anxiety, and irritability are some of the emotions experienced by victims after a traumatic accident. A car accident can leave the victim socially withdrawn and isolated. In the case of a wrongful death, an entire family can suffer these consequences. This worst-case scenario may leave a parter, spouse, or children without means of support. 

Our personal injury attorneys in Arlington, TX, can gather pertinent evidence in order to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

"After I was struck from behind on the highway, the at fault driver's insurance stated their algorithm determined there was no way I could be injured to the extent I was, due to the "minor" damage to my vehicle. Well, they were wrong. I had to undergo major surgery to repair my neck. Rocky and his team took my case and collected the maximum compensation possible. He and his team took the stress off of me and my family. They handled every aspect from the beginning to the end, and kept me informed the entire time. He and his team are amazing at what they do, and we cannot thank them enough." Mike W.

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

An auto accident can disrupt your life in many ways. Dealing with injuries and replacing damaged property, dealing with the insurance company, and struggling to cope with the fallout from a car accident can be immensely stressful. So that you can focus on putting your life back together following an auto accident, it is crucial to have a personal injury lawyer fighting on your behalf.

An auto accident attorney can relieve you of the countless calls to insurance company adjusters and investigators. He can also help to maximize the compensation you receive for your losses. Roger "Rocky" Walton and the team at our law firm in Arlington, TX, are prepared to help you do exactly that.

A crucial element to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent your case is their approach to resolving your issues. A good personal injury lawyer will not just take your case, but will advise you every step of the way. If an auto accident results in a wrongful death, for example, a car accident lawyer can relieve the grieving family from dealing with insurance companies while they mourn the loss of their loved one.

Building a Case

Car accidents can involve other cars, trucksmotorcyclesbicycles, and pedestrians. As each scenario involves a unique strategy, a car accident attorney can help you navigate legal proceedings and build the strongest possible case. Our law firm will utilize all documented evidence from the scene of the accident to build your case. This evidence could include photographs, witness statements, police reports, and anything else relevant to the case

Seeking Maximum Compensation

Without the assistance of a car accident lawyer, you may not know how much compensation to which you are entitled. Our law firm will examine the evidence and consider the case from all angles to ensure the best possible outcome is reached.

Determining Liability

One of the most important tasks your personal injury attorney undertakes is determining liability. Once fault is established, a demand for payment from the responsible party can be made.

Statute of Limitations

Finding a personal injury lawyer in a timely manner is incredibly important to your case. In Texas, the deadline for personal injury lawsuits is two years from the time of the accident. If the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit has passed, you may be unable to collect the compensation you need and deserve. It is in your best interest to seek legal counsel as soon as possible following your accident.

Car Accident Lawyers  Protecting for Your Best Interests

When you hire the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C., we do more than just work to maximize your compensation. We make sure you get the medical treatment you may need to recover fully from your car crash. Rocky and his team of injury lawyers can provide letters of protection that help our clients get the treatment they need, with the promise that the bills will be paid after a settlement or jury award is obtained. If we happen to recover less than expected, we will negotiate on your behalf to get your doctor to lower the cost of treatment. Contact our Arlington law office serving greater Fort Worth online or call us at (817) 429-4299 for a no-obligation, free consultation today.

rocky walton law firm
You can count on our team in Arlington to stand by your side every step of the way toward recovering after a collision. We are here to help our neighbors throughout greater Fort Worth collect the compensation they deserve.
"My situation was that the insurance company of the guy that ran a red light & t-boned me went out of business. The TCPIGA, whose job it is to help Texans in my predicament, said my claim was 'worthless'. I walked into Walton Law Firm expecting them not to be able to get me anything. Instead, the attorneys and their razor-sharp staff went to work while keeping me informed every step of the two-year climb. The way I describe them is ardently tenacious. In the end the State honored my claim for the full amount allowable. This is the kind of law firm that gives lawyers a good name." John B.

Proving Fault

After all of the evidence from the accident is gathered, your car accident lawyer will examine how it applies to the facts of your case and establish who caused the auto accident. When liability is proven, you are in a good position to make a demand to the insurance company of the other driver for reimbursement. This includes asking for compensation to cover your lost wages, medical expenses, and expenses for future care. Keep in mind that even if the guilty party seems easy to determine, other factors, such as a lack of insurance on the part of the other driver, can complicate your case. To prove liability, our Arlington attorneys will look at many pieces of evidence, including:

Medical Records

Your medical records are a good indication of how the accident happened, because your physician will document the severity of harm done and likely causes of the injuries. When necessary, your attorney will call upon all treating physicians to testify or give a statement of opinion as to how certain injuries occurred.


Your attorney will interview witnesses, either in person or by written discovery. Your lawyer will also talk to the officer who was on the scene to make sure the official report is accurate. 

Expert Testimony

Reconstructing the accident may require the use of an accident reconstruction specialist or other expert witnesses, both of which the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C. can provide. With all of this information, your attorney will apply the law to the facts of your case and present a clear picture of what happened so there is no doubt that the other party was at fault.

Settle Or Sue? 

A large percentage of personal injury cases are resolved through a settlement rather than going to trial. This is not always the best outcome because some victims choose to accept a lowball settlement as soon as it is offered, without consulting an attorney. Hiring a car accident attorney like Rocky Walton is crucial to collecting the maximum compensation for your many losses.

There main reason to file a car accident lawsuit is that the insurance company of the other driver may not be offering fair compensation for your injuries. If you and your attorney decide your case is worth significantly more than what an insurance adjuster decides to offer, and if subsequent counter offers are rejected, we will proceed to file a lawsuit in Texas court. Legal counsel from a car accident lawyer with the Law Firm of Roger 'Rocky' Walton, P.C., is one of the surest ways to determine exactly how much restitution you should receive. Rocky and his team will develop an effective strategy to bring a lawsuit against the insurance company if they decide they are unwilling to pay a worthy settlement.

"Rocky and his team helped me to navigate through a very difficult experience following an auto collision when someone failed to obey a traffic signal and hit me. I was fully satisfied with the results." Ron R.

Learn More  about How We Can Help

If you have been injured in a car accident, do not take your chances with the first car accident lawyer you come across, or the first settlement the insurance company offers. Let Texas board-certified personal injury trial lawyer Roger ‘Rocky’ Walton and the team at his Arlington law firm work to win you full compensation for your losses. In the tragic event of a fatal accident, our law firm can help those left behind recover final expenses and other damages through a wrongful death suit. Each case is unique, requiring an individualized approach to ensure the best outcome.

To learn more, contact us online or call us at (817) 429-4299 today. We have been helping car accident victims in Arlington, TX, since 1987 and offer a free consultation to review your case and help you understand what to expect.

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Our office provides free case reviews. If we take your case, it is because we are confident we will win. You pay nothing unless we collect a settlement or jury award on your behalf.

The personal injury information offered and contained herein, regarding personal injury statutes and claimants' rights is general in scope. No attorney client relationship with our attorneys is hereby formed nor is the information herein intended as formal legal advice.

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