A Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer Can Help Secure Just Compensation

Roger Walton is an experienced carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer in Arlington, TX, who can represent victims of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a third party's negligence.

Carbon monoxide exposure can have catastrophic side effects and may result in permanent brain damage and other lifelong injuries. A skilled personal injury attorney can help to ensure you receive adequate compensation for any damages suffered. 

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If you or someone you love has suffered carbon monoxide poisoning due to third-party negligence, our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights.

Where Can Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Occur and Who is Liable?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in the home, workplace, or your car. If you suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning in a rented apartment, townhome, house, duplex, or other domicile, the landlord will likely be held liable for your damages. If you are a homeowner who has suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important to fully investigate the cause. It may be a result of defective parts or products, in which case the manufacturer would be liable. If it is due to faulty installation, the employee or company who installed the products may be liable.

If you suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning at your workplace, the building owner, your employer, or a manufacturer may be liable for any damages. If your carbon monoxide poisoning occurred in your car, it may be due to faulty parts or manufacturing, and the car manufacturer may be liable for your damages.

Carbon monoxide exposure can have catastrophic side effects for you and your family and can result in permanent brain damage and other life-long injuries.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Damages

Roger "Rocky" Walton works diligently to ensure you receive adequate compensation for any and all damages you and your family may have suffered. Potential defendants in carbon monoxide cases can include hotels, inn owners, and landlords. Damages for carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Even slight exposure to carbon monoxide requires medical treatment, which can be costly. If you or your family has suffered more extensive injuries due to your exposure, you may incur additional medical expenses, including extended hospital stay, treatments and surgeries, rehabilitation, long-term care, and more.
  • Lost Wages: Illness and injury resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning may keep you from work for an extended period of time, typically without pay.
  • Loss of Consortium: If a family member died from carbon monoxide exposure, you may seek damages for your loss of companionship, the loss of their income, funeral expenses, and more.
  • Quality of Life: Severe injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning can be life-altering for you or your family and may prevent you from participating in certain activities or acting independently.
  • Pain and Suffering: The repercussions of carbon monoxide poisoning are not exclusively physical or financial. They can cause considerable emotional anguish, and Rocky Walton can illustrate this pain and suffering to a jury, helping you to collect compensation for this complex, but very real loss.

What to Expect from the Law Firm of Rocky Walton

Rocky Walton has over 25 years of experience in personal injury law and is a board-certified personal injury trial attorney. He can provide you with assistance so that you and your family can receive any necessary medical treatment, regardless of your health insurance status. During a free, no-obligation case evaluation, he will thoroughly review your case and discuss it with you in detail. Our team will fully investigate your case and gather evidence, pertinent medical records, testimony, and more to build your case against those responsible for your injuries.

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If you and your family have suffered any injuries following carbon monoxide poisoning, do not wait to contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation. Roger “Rocky” Walton has represented many victims of carbon monoxide poisoning, and as your attorney, he will build a strong case to ensure you receive compensation for the damages you and your family have suffered.

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