Secure Just Compensation with the Help of a Truck Accident Attorney

Large Trucks, also called 18 Wheelers, frequently cause catastrophic injuries and death.  This is because of their sheer size and weight.  Since they are so heavy and travel so fast on the highways, their momentum is enormous.  Now they can travel the same speed as cars which is 60 mph on most highways in an urban areas and 65 mph to 70 mph in rural areas, and up to 75 mph on toll roads.  If a truck driver is encountered with an emergency, his options are fewer than a car driver due to his momentum.  

Truck wrecks may be caused by all the factors that cause car wrecks, but many times the brakes are out of adjustment or the truck may be carrying too much weight in violation of the law.  In addition, the truck driver may be fatigued and fall asleep because of driving more than the law allows.  Even if he does not fall asleep, a fatigued driver is about as dangerous as a drunk driver.  

Truck drivers only make money when the truck is moving to make a deliver or pick up.  If he drives over the hours allowed by law, he will usually not keep an accurate log book of his driving hours.  Proving  the driver had excess hours may have to be proved by proving the log book is wrong by using charge slips and other evidence.  If the driver had a partner with a sleeper cab, the other driver's driving time will also have to be documented.  

Many truck wrecks are caused by a truck driver not yielding to a car when he thinks the car driver has time to stop to avoid the collision.  However, if the car driver is not paying attention and does not stop in time, there can be a catastrophic collision.  In that case, the truck driver will be cited and the car driver may also be cited.  

Even though damages can be much higher in a truck/car collision, the insurance coverage is usually at least $1,000,000 on the truck tractor.  The coverage on the trailer is also usually at least $1,000,000 which would cover defects in the trailer such as bad brakes.  There may also be excess coverage of $1,000,000 or more.  Call (817) 429-4299 or toll-free at (888) 762-5988 for a free consultation regarding your truck accident in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth or Mansfield, Texas.

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