Car Accidents Involving Sudden Stops By Rocky Walton on July 09, 2018

Car accidentCar accidents resulting in personal injury and property damage are often the result of reckless driving. Reckless driving refers to any act that doesn’t consider the safety of other drivers on the road. In other words, if drivers fail to take necessary care and precaution to avoid the risk of a collision, they are participating in reckless driving.

Sudden stops are a common form of reckless driving. A sudden stop may leave trailing vehicles without time to respond appropriately. The most common type of collision caused by sudden stops is a rear end accident. Although insurance companies may be quick to assign liability in a sudden stop car accident, there are often other details that should be taken into consideration.

Those injured in car accidents involving sudden stops in the Arlington, TX area should work with experienced attorney Roger “Rocky” Walton to ensure their legal rights are protected. Mr. Walton will work hard to collect any financial compensation clients may be due following such an accident.

Causes of Sudden Stops

It is rare for a driver to stop suddenly without any cause or trigger. In most cases, they are reacting to the actions of another driver, a condition on the road, or some other type of emergency. Common reasons for sudden stops include:

  • Traffic congestion
  • A pedestrian going into traffic
  • An obstacle in the road
  • A vehicle malfunction (such as a flat tire)

Unfortunately, when drivers stop suddenly in an attempt to avoid hazards, they often create a hazard for trailing drivers. Sudden stops frequently lead to car accidents, especially if other drivers have not maintained a safe following distance.

Who Is at Fault?

The majority of sudden stop car accidents are rear end collisions. If a driver stops suddenly, trailing vehicles may not be able to react in a timely manner and are likely to strike the vehicle from behind.

When a rear end accident occurs, it is common to assign liability to the trailing vehicle. Because trailing vehicles should maintain a safe following distance, they can be held accountable for damages in a sudden stop or rear end accident.

However, liability in a sudden stop car accident is not always cut and dry. Mr. Walton will consider all the details of a sudden stop accident to ensure that liability is based on the facts of the case, and not a hasty decision by the insurance company.

Although most causes of sudden stops are unforeseeable, it is important to consider whether stopping suddenly was the most appropriate reaction, or whether the stop created unnecessary risks for other drivers (particularly those trailing the vehicle).

For instance, if a person had a flat tire, could he or she have safely pulled to the side of the road rather than stopping suddenly?

Other factors to consider are whether trailing drivers were properly signaled that the car ahead was stopping. If a driver’s brake lights are out, that leaves others on the road without ample warning that the vehicle was stopping.

These are all the types of details that Mr. Walton will look into when creating a case of liability in a sudden stop accident.

Financial Compensation

Those injured in a sudden stop car accident that is found to be the fault of another driver have a right to seek financial compensation for their losses. Damages in a sudden stop car accident may include property damage, the expense of medical treatment for accident injuries, lost wages related to the accident, and pain and suffering. Mr. Walton will explore all avenues of loss to ensure clients are fairly compensated for all damages related to a sudden stop accident.

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If you have been injured in a car accident involving a sudden stop, it is important to work with an experienced attorney such as Roger “Rocky” Walton. To discuss the details of your case and learn more about your legal rights, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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