Car Accidents and Garbage Trucks By Rocky Walton on April 28, 2019

Garbage truck on its sideSanitation workers provide valuable services. Garbage trucks haul trash to landfills, in turn keeping the neighborhoods we live safe and clean.

However, garbage trucks are large and have blind spots. When car accidents occur, they can result in serious injuries for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident involving a garbage truck, you owe it to yourself to contact personal injury attorney Roger "Rocky" Walton in Arlington, TX. We can schedule a time for us to review your case.

What Are the Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents?

Garbage trucks pose many hazards because of their size. First and foremost, it can be difficult for the driver to see his or her surroundings. In addition, because there is no rear window for the driver to see through, backing up can be dangerous for cars, pedestrians, and sanitation workers behind the truck.

There are numerous actions that can lead to a garbage truck accident:

  • Driver Error: Driver error is always a risk. The driver may go through a stop sign, fail to yield, speed, or drive distracted. He or she may back up the truck without checking that it is safe to do so.
  • Defective Parts: If a backup alarm is not making sound when the truck is in reverse, it poses a danger to cars and pedestrians in the truck’s path. Defective tires, brake lights, and steering mechanisms can also lead to accidents.
  • Lack of Training: Garbage truck drivers are required to undergo training before they can be licensed to operate the vehicle.
  • Non-adherence to Regulations: Drivers are limited in how often and for how long they can drive. These regulations are in place to reduce the risk of an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes drivers and the companies they work for do not follow these standards, increasing the risk for an accident.

Who Is at Fault in a Garbage Truck Accident?

From broken bones and crush injuries to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, garbage truck accidents can lead to lasting and devastating injuries.

If you were in an auto accident involving a garbage truck, you may be wondering if the garbage truck operator was at fault. At our Arlington practice, attorney Roger "Rocky" Walton will evaluate the facts of your case to determine who is responsible for your injury.

That may include:

  • The Driver: If the garbage truck driver acts negligently, such as ignoring traffic laws or failing to check before backing up, he or she may be liable for your injury.
  • The Manufacturer: Defective equipment, such as malfunctioning brakes and defective tires, can make the manufacturer liable for your injury.
  • The Sanitation Company: If the truck is not properly maintained or the company does not follow or enforce safety rules, they may be liable for your injury.

Contact a Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident involving a garbage truck, you need an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation. Contact Roger "Rocky" Walton, P.C. in Arlington by calling (817) 429-4299 to schedule a consultation.

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